The beard behind the mask!

In this day and age with the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people have chosen to wear a mask to protect themselves. If you travel on public transport you have to wear one! But, what if you have a beard? How does that work. What happens to the beard behind the mask?

It’s weird!

Yep, it sure is strange having to wear a face mask. When you have a beard it’s even stranger! Your beard sticks out and it looks weird. Hair sticking out from the fabric at all sorts of different angles. Like a female porn star from the 70s!!

It certainly takes some getting used to but, even though things are getting better with covid-19, it is still important to protect yourself. Face masks are one way of doing so and seem to be the most popular choice.

Does it ruin the beard?

I don’t think it ruins the beard but it definitely has an impact on the style. Maybe you have spent some time getting all your hairs in place, putting balm on and getting that perfect look. Then you put a mask on and half an hour later the beard is all over the place!

It makes your beard look a bit messy but a good old brush or comb can fix that. You might want to take some balm with you to get your mane back into place after wearing the mask. Just a suggestion but one worth considering.

Stay safe.

Whatever you decide to do, wear a mask or not, make sure you stay safe. The danger hasn’t gone away but it is decreasing. That’s great and could mean the return of pubs and restaurants! Woohoo!!

As long as you look after your beard by washing and conditioning it every other day. Applying oil every day and adding some balm to help keep it in place and moisturise your beard. Then, everything will be OK. Your beard might be messy when you take your mask off but it will still feel amazing!


That’s it for today, I’ll be back on Monday with another blog. Don’t forget to check out The weekend is coming!

Until then, take care and keep growing



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