The Beard Struggle – Exposed

The Beard Struggle. A behemoth of a beard company, swatting aside everything and everyone in their path. A true giant of the beard world, but, there is a hidden side to the success of this brand. There is an undercurrent of hatred, lies, deceit, hypocrisy and discrimination. Today, The Beard Struggle – Exposed will reveal all.

Make sure you read all the way to the end but don’t skip the first half! All will be revealed!!

Who Are The Beard Struggle?

The Beard Struggle (TBS) are a company based in Canada but they ship their products worldwide. On the face of it they seem like a great company, genuine and boy do they have some great reviews! More on that later.

They have really gone for the Viking theme and take the whole thing very seriously. Instagram videos with the guys dressed up in all the gear advertising the products. This seems to appeal to some men, they want to release their inner Viking and that is fine.

They sell several products including Beard Oil, Balm, Beard Wash, Combs and a Heated Beard Brush plus loads more. They have some well followed Instagram and YouTube ambassadors who help push the brand. Between them they have over 1m subscribers on the tube. Most of them from Jake the Viking of Mr Beast fame.

Who Founded TBS?

This is extremely hard to find out. I have searched google for this information but kept running up blind alleys. The most I can find is that their CEO is Faiysal Kothiwala. He seems to be a very private person with very little mention of TBS on his Facebook.

TBS seem to be a privately owned company with plenty of cash to splash! It looks like they spend a lot of money on marketing the product but here’s the thing. They don’t have to spend that much on it because they have ambassadors.

TBS Ambassador Program

Just like many companies these days, The Beard Struggle have an ambassador or affiliate program. It gives you personally 20% off all products with a 15% off code for your customers. As an ambassador, you receive a 10% commission which is about average.

With these benefits you would presume it would be difficult to get into the program. Wrong! They will accept absolutely anyone and everyone. That’s fine, a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone but over 10,000 ambassadors, that is excessive.

They call their ambassadors Brand Vikings and they offer perks when you make sales for them. They do provide tips on how to advertise as well as other features. The more sales you make the better ranking you can get. They will even give you an advertising budget after a certain amount of sales.

Brand Vikings

The program has changed recently and is geared more towards earning points by posting Instagram stories etc..(plus other ways which will be revealed later!) Get your points and move up to the next level. Some people will even be chosen to work for TBS on a more regular basis and receive a salary. Sounds great, right?

On the face of it, yes. But, in reality there is a lot of “if your face fits” going on in the upper echelons. A fair bit of “TBS is the greatest” has to be said and you can’t like other brands Well, at least you can’t say they are better than TBS! Now, real beard enthusiasts will know that there are far superior products out there and for less money!

Still, it feels good to be part of a ‘Brotherhood’. Like minded bearded fellas. A place where you can feel comfortable, no matter your race, your sexuality, your disabilities. Or can you?

The Good Stuff

Right, that’s a bit of background on the company and the affiliate program for you. Let’s round that up with what’s good about TBS. It won’t take long!

TBS do have a brotherhood feel to them. Through their Brand Viking Facebook page, their Instagram and their AETT’s on Discord. (This is where everyone is split into groups. For instance in the UK you have the North, Scotland, Wales etc. Each AETT has a General and so on.)

I have met some really great people through TBS and I am grateful for that. These guys really support each other and it’s great to have met other men who feel the same way about beards. I wouldn’t have known them if it wasn’t for TBS so that’s a plus. I consider them to be friends, even though we’ve never met.

TBS have a range of products that they sell but I’m not sure that this is a good thing! Let’s have a look at what they offer.

The Products

Obviously, there is the beard oil. In fact, they offer 2. A day oil and a night oil, but what is the difference? Let me break it down for you.

The Day Oil

There are 5 carrier oils in the day oil and I’ll explain what each one does as we go along!

  1. Rice Bran Oil – This is an edible oil and is used as a cooking oil, predominantly in South and East Asian countries. It is also used as a substitute for carnauba wax in cosmetics, polishing compounds etc. The antioxidants in the oil may support skin health but there is a lack of research to really prove this.
  2. Sunflower Oil – Again, another cooking oil. It looks like you can use the day oil to cook yourself some eggs and bacon!! Sunflower oil can be used to run diesel engines when mixed with diesel. However, it is good for your skin as it contains vitamins A and E. There are also benefits for hair which is a bonus.
  3. Avocado Oil – Wait, there’s no way that……. Well, I didn’t know that. Avocado oil is also used as a cooking oil. Seems to be a pattern here! It is definitely good for your skin as it penetrates and absorbs into the skin really well.
  4. Argan Oil – The Argan tree is endemic to Morocco and there they use the oil for……….food. Not cooking oil but as a dip for bread or used on couscous. Studies have suggested that the oil contains health benefits and it is widely used in the cosmetic industry.
  5. Jojoba Oil – A replacement for Sperm Whale Oil, it is used in many cosmetic products. These include lotions, hair shampoo and conditioner. The pure oil can be used on skin and hair.

The Night Oil

The night oil contains the above 5 oils but adds in a further 3 carrier oils to the mix.

  1. Castor Oil – Mainly used in the food industry castor oil does have some benefits for skin and hair. It is also used as a laxative.
  2. Macadamia Oil – Would you believe it? A cooking oil! It does have good benefits for your hair though. It’s the fatty acid content in the oil that helps to add shine and nourishes the hair follicles. Macadamia Oil also keeps your skin healthy.
  3. Almond Oil – This oil is very good for your skin, keeping it soft and hydrated and it contains a high amount of Vitamin E. This vitamin may protect the skin from sun damage.

I am confused as to why there is a need to have 2 oils other than to make more money. Here is what it says about the oils on their website…

Day Tonic:

Day Tonic gives your beard added volume and shine using a non-greasy, lightweight formula for all-day softness.

This oil contains a higher concentration of macadamia, almond, and avocado oil which have natural SPF and protect your beard from damaging sun-rays, so you can spend all day outside without losing your beard’s touchable luster.

Night Elixir:

Keeping your beard soft and supple is so easy, you can do it in your sleep when you use this Night elixir. Specially formulated to nourish your beard and lock in moisture overnight, this is the perfect oil to finish your daily beard care routine.


Now, if you read that and then the list of Ingredients on the bottle for the day oil, it doesn’t contain Macadamia or Avocado oils. Strange! Maybe they include those as essential oils in the day tonic? The essential oils aren’t listed on the bottle and they are generally the oils used to create the fragrance.

I am using the Viking Storm scent (I use the word scent loosely for this oil) as an example as I have both the day and night oils. On the website again it gives me the scent guide for this oil as follows.

Viking Storm: Strong masculine notes of Oakmoss & musk blend with the freshness of apple & patchouli, while rich amber and soft hints of vanilla sensualize & seduce.

That looks like the list for essential oils to me. There is no mention of Macadamia or Almond oils anywhere on the Day Tonic. Maybe they don’t know which one is which!

In my opinion they only really need the night oil as it contains more beneficial carrier oils than the day. Although I don’t think there is much castor oil as the oil is very runny. This is definitely a ploy to earn more readies from unsuspecting beard newbies!

Other Products

TBS also offer Beard balm which I have tried and reviewed. Check out the review here. I wasn’t impressed with this balm at all but hey, that’s my opinion.

Then there is the Beard Wash and Conditioner. I do like the beard wash and am still using it to this day. Well, until it runs out!! It does make my beard feel very clean and soft and I can’t fault them for this product!

They also have a scruff balm for those just growing their beards. I mean, you could just use the oil but each to their own. It is clearly another ploy to take money from the uneducated new beard grower.

Last of all there is the Beard Mud Mask which contains Dead Sea Mud. I haven’t used this so can’t say much about it other than it’s expensive. Oh, and they claim it prevents thinning and balding as well as rejuvenating the beard. I can’t see anything that tells me it can do that although it does say it’s good for the skin. After speaking to a couple of people who have used it I can confirm that it is a waste of money.


TBS have several accessories for sale but are they worth the price you pay? They have brushes, which according to several sources is rubbish, combs, bags and a heated beard brush.

The Dopp bags look good but at £54 for the black XXL and £36 for the brown regular size bag I would probably go elsewhere. Louis Vuitton they ain’t!

I have the Model Viking Comb which looks great and is well-made. Is it worth £20? Not at all. I might as well be running thin air through my beard for all the good it does. You can buy much better combs such as the Kent Combs. Here’s the link to one of them on amazon.

The Heated Beard Brush

This is the biggest seller for TBS and at £76 it seems like good value. This one is apparently designed by the CEO of the company himself. It is called the VÆRINGJAR and it does look sleek and well-made. You might or might not know this but it is the second heated brush TBS have sold.

The first one, named The Ulfberht, was extremely controversial. It was being sold at $100 and TBS claimed that they had designed it and created it for the bearded man. There is a video by Scuba/Beardtube below that disproves that. Have a watch.

After he released that video, TBS released 18 of their own videos to try and drown his one out. A strange one considering they hadn’t released that many videos all at once before. Was that a raid? (More on raids soon) Check out the video from Beardtube to highlight what TBS did.

While we are here, lets have a look at Beardtube’s video on the Viking mud mask.

The Bad Stuff

Okay, let’s get into the nitty gritty about TBS and what they are really all about. The things they do and the lies they tell. Starting off with the Ambassador programme.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can join the Ambassador program. They have nearly 14k people on the program and it is growing all the time. The upper soldiers were looking into the whole thing and one of the things was to make it harder to join as an ambassador. Great news for those already in the program!

This turned out to be a lie when they recently created an advert stating that everyone was welcome under The Beard Struggle banner. So, still letting in whoever wants to join then.

How do you move up the rankings in TBS?

Well now, there are several ways you could move up the ranking and earn rewards with TBS. Sales was the main way to do it in the original program. In Ambassador 2.0 they developed new ways to help people move up. A points scheme where you can earn points for doing tasks!

This seems like a fun way to do things in the group. Excellent! Make videos on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc.

One of these tasks is to leave a review for the TBS products. In fact they have always asked their ambassadors to leave reviews even before the new program. Why do they ask their own ambassadors to leave a review?

Over 10,000 5 star reviews

Wow! That is unbelievable. I don’t think there is a company on this earth with that many 5 star reviews. I can’t think why!

No, wait, I think I know. The vast majority of the reviews on their website have been left by their ambassadors. That’s right. I can’t prove that all of them are but I can give you some examples where they definetly are by ambassadors.

This is taken from the website. It is giving the TBS hoodie 5 stars!! Amazing, I want one. What? I can’t buy one of these? Why not? Oh, it’s only available to ambassadors. I see.

Awesome, a T-Shirt. I’ll take two! Oh, so this is only available to Brand Vikings as well! Okay, so why is it being reviewed on the website then? To boost your 5 star ratings? Of course.


This one is blatantly an ambassador. Unless an ambassador bought that T-shirt for him!!

He is giving 5 stars to the Viking Face Shield, which I have to say, they are rubbish. Do not use them to try and protect yourself or others during the pandemic as your breath goes right through the material!!

So, while reviewing the face shield he is wearing an ambassador only t-shirt. That tells me he is getting himself some points for this!

The point I am trying to make is quite clear. If your products are genuinely that good then why do you need people who are part of TBS to review them. Of course, they are going to say it’s great, they will absolutely give the products 5 stars. They represent your brand and they don’t want to be raided!! (Wait, spoilers!)

Fake Reviews are good for business then?

Yes, although technically they aren’t fake reviews. They are reviews, only, they are reviews by people who support and work for TBS. I’m not talking about full time jobs, but you can earn commission for selling products. I’ve made a small amount of money myself.

These reviews make TBS look like they are genuinely getting all these wonderful 5 stars. However, if you were to remove the ambassadors reviews, I would take a wild guess that there would be less than 1,000 from genuine customers.

Who are the TBS customers?

Here’s the clever part of The Beard Struggles Ambassador program. The ambassadors are their customers. Of course, you have to use the product to represent the brand. As I mentioned earlier, TBS offer a 20% discount to their Brand Vikings. The ambassadors have a 15% off code for their customers/family/friends to use and they receive a 10% commission on each sale.

So, the main customers of The Beard Struggle are the ambassadors! That’s over 13,000 customers right there! Wow. No wonder they want more ambassadors. That would mean more sales and more 5 star reviews. What’s wrong with that?

Well, it isn’t honest for a start. A company that is built on misleading information is not a company that I want to be a part of!

The lies

So, the 5 star reviews are lies, seeing as they are mainly done by people who represent the company and not many by genuine customers. What other lies do they tell?

Here is the benefits from the TBS oil range, screen shot is from the website!

Enhance hair growth? I don’t recall seeing Biotin in the ingredients for the oil. That’s a lie, right there. I don’t believe that there is a beard oil that actually grows your hair for you. I’m sure that is down to genetics!

Still, it prevents hair loss. Well, actually, it doesn’t prevent it. It can delay it with some of the oils but it’s very rare that you would get hair loss in a beard. On your head maybe!

More lies and discrimination

Well, well, well. There has been known discrimination going on within the ranks of TBS. One person was ridiculed for being gay and disabled. I won’t name names but this was done by Brand Vikings. The man in question was kicked out of TBS for airing his views on a live chat. At least 2 other ambassadors were involved in the name-calling and when he questioned it the top dogs told him to basically grow up!!

It was of course, the man in questions fault. TBS does nothing wrong! When he questioned them about the behaviour of the other people he was told they would also be kicked out. They weren’t. It just goes to show that if your face fits, you can get away with anything!!

Maybe TBS doesn’t discriminate but it doesn’t take action when others do, unless they don’t like you of course! And that, in itself, is discrimination.

The snippet here is just one small part of a bigger conversation. Imagine saying to a disabled person that they are turning it into a pity party. The man was just trying to get his point across!


Here we are, raids. Real Vikings used to go on raids where they destroyed villages, raped, pillaged and plundered. Lovely lot the Vikings!! But, would you expect a professional company to go on a raid against another business? Well, that is exactly what they did and it was disgusting behaviour from TBS.

I am not in any way condoning what the other person did but the way they reacted was so over the top and extremely unprofessional. Here’s the story of it with pictures! Make sure you are over 18 because this is adult stuff!!!

What happened?

A lot of people post memes on Instagram and Facebook etc, even TBS do it. Using other celebrities of course such as Tom Hardy. Now, one particular person decided to post a meme about TBS. The person is from Beard Tings and he posted a controversial meme.

The man kneeling down had a similar logo to TBS covering him which is what got the Vikings so wound up! Most men would find this funny and take it as a bit of a joke and a laugh.

Some might disapprove of the pornographic imagery but in the whole it is done in good humour. The scene depicts a guy having sex with a woman and, presumably, her husband tied up and watching. A cuck.

TBS took great offence at this. Now, a professional business would do one of 2 things. Firstly, they would contact the person who posted the meme and politely ask them to take it down.

Secondly, if that didn’t work then they would threaten them with a lawsuit unless it was removed. Some companies would skip the first part. That wasn’t going to satisfy TBS, so, they sent their sheep, sorry, ambassadors on a raid.

The actual raid

As you can see, TBS offered their ambassadors 100 points to raid this company. By raid, they meant go onto his Facebook page, google page etc and post a negative review. Now, TBS claim that this company used their logo and it does look similar. But you can find logos that are similar to TBS’s all over the web. If they were that concerned it was the actual logo I am sure they would have consulted their lawyers!

Here’s some reviews that the so called Vikings left on this company’s page. Before you read them Beard Tings products aren’t available to buy yet. Please excuse the poor spelling!!

How do they know the products are sub-par? At least some of them found it amusing.

Hmmmmm, not impressed with the clan, this one!! I wonder if he’s still a member? The funniest one for me is the following statement. I will explain why it is funny in just a moment.

So, this guy is very upset that the company has used indecent sexual imagery to promote a product and/or company. Let’s have a look at some of The Beard Struggles Instagram posts shall we….

Indecent Sexual imagery, Check! I wonder if this guy complained about these memes that The Beard Struggle posted. I’m going to hazard a guess at NO!

Finally, there is this wonderful post where someone is sticking up for the company and he gets this very adult and mature response!

Fight us then! Can you get anymore ridiculous?

So the Brand Vikings went on a raid and earned loads of points. Woohoo! Well done big guys! I actually questioned one of the top guys about the raid and this was his response.


Apparently Beard Tings upset the ambassadors. I mean seriously, are these guys Vikings or Mummys boys? Also, I know for a fact that he left the program himself, just as I have! It’s all part of the bullying tactics that TBS use when they disagree with something.

The ambassadors have become so indoctrinated to The Beard Struggle ethos that they actually think this is normal behaviour for a company. Yes, Beard Tings took the piss out of TBS but instead of either replying with their own funny meme……….What? They did? Let’s have a look then.

Very snappy!! Great comeback there by TBS. This was after they had raided the one man company with thousands of 1 star reviews, trying to break his brand before it got off the ground.

Ask yourself this, why didn’t they post this in response to the initial meme. Bit more professional, without the game over bro slogan, and shows that the company have a sense of humour.

Instead, they look like the playground bully who has to hit people and scare them into being his friend.


Look, TBS are a big brand and they have got several products that do a basic job. Do they overcharge for them? Yes. Are they top quality products? No. There are plenty of top companies out there making awesome products but TBS want to take over the world and try to destroy the competition!

They have certainly deceived the public into believing they are this amazing brand with over 10k 5 star reviews. Which we can pretty much assume is mainly by their ambassadors. I mean, they do offer points for people to leave reviews. Even on products that aren’t on general sale! This in itself is a gross misrepresentation of the brand.

So, is it a Con?

They are most definitely trying to con people into thinking they need a day and night oil and that you need a mud mask for your beard. TBS really are wanting to gain maximum cash for minimum quality.

They also rely heavily on their ambassadors for sales. These guys buy loads of stuff from TBS. I’m not sure that they have that many customers outside the ambassadorship. The CEO Faiysal told one Brand Viking that the ambassadors only made up 10% of the sales. If you believe that then you really are brainwashed.

I have left the TBS ambassador program as I feel the company are very unprofessional and they mislead the public. That is the most disappointing thing for me. The dishonesty and lack of respect for their customers/ambassadors/sheep. In fairness, not all the people I’ve met are sheep but there are definitely some brainwashed folk who truly believe that TBS is the best beard company in the world.

It isn’t!!

That’s all on The Beard Struggle – Exposed. Thank you for stopping by to check it out. I hope you enjoyed it, please let me know in the comments what you thought. Are you a Brand Viking who disagrees with me then leave a comment!! Keep it clean, I will delete abusive comments (after taking a screen shot!)

Take care and keep growing!


46 thoughts on “The Beard Struggle – Exposed”

  1. Awesome review and so much truth here! The Beard Struggle are an absolute con!

    Keep up the great work and exposing lies.

    We appreciate it bro!

  2. Fantastic read as always dude! Really nice to see you digging into this!

    They have definitely made it hard for us smaller folk with genuine ingredients, care and passion to get going in this business. Can’t believe they went after Beard Tings like that, one of the greats of our bearded community.

    Hinterlands Beard Oil

  3. Chris Dyer (piran_viking)

    I have felt for a while that if your face doesn’t fit with TBS that you may as well not bother. I’m a bigger guy and I think that unless you’re 6ft2 long blonde hair and a mane down to your knees, you will never be accepted by the “brotherhood”.
    I’ve been thinking about leaving for a while now, ever since they blocked a post of mine on the Facebook page… Deeming the content…. Now let me get this right, “not something that the brotherhood can help with”… Huh?…. I thought the brotherhood were a group of like minded people who can support you through your journey? Clearly not!

    I took a break from reading your blog, headed over to Instagram and the TBS “brotherhood” page and left them…. I’m gonna leave the ambassador program too by the end of the day… I’m not feeling the vibe…. I don’t like the idea of raids, and i feel inferior to these “vikings”.

    I do however absolutely love the idea of your #smallbatchbeardco support, and have made purchases recently off the back of reviews you have done for theses companies!

    Keep up the great work, and f**k TBS!

    1. There is definitely a culture of ‘if your face doesn’t fit’ going on and you certainly have to say and do the right things or you are deemed to be against TBS. They are a brotherhood when they want to be and with who they want. I’m happy you have managed to leave and find better products for your beard. Keep looking out for more reviews on the way!!

  4. Great article,

    I have left TBS back in August, for exactly this bs, it’s just a pyramid or at the very least MML scheme,

    Taking advantage of men that don’t know better, I bought into the whole “brother” crap too.. Then it all became apparent.

    Fuck TBS

    it’s a shame because thier products are reasonable but thier lies and conduct is up thier arse.

  5. Was honestly contemplating becoming a “Brand Viking,” or whatever the shit they call their ambassadors. I’m a person who does their research before working with a company/brand, even if it is just a side hustle for a few extra bucks. Ethics are key, and THAT is where I see the biggest problems with TBS. Content is full of bro culture, misogyny, homophobia, etc. Growing up, I was taught that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Their “raid” tactics because they were called cucks just exposes one of their weaknesses. I appreciate this particular blog, definitely more eye-opening. Cheers and beards!

  6. I gotta admit. I’m an ambassador for TBS. But I would never, ever think about saying shit about another company. It’s not in my nature. I dont even actually spend alot when buying their products, but after reading this review I will be rescinding my ambassadorial role with them.
    Thank you for enlightening me.

  7. After just reading your post I was in total agreement
    Having becoming a “ambassador” I was surprised how many of us there were
    I soon cottened on when the Facebook group members were asking for other members to give their discount codes out to help boost each others sales. ??. I saw many posts on Instagram and through member email of a guy flying up the ranks… He was a rather trendy tattooed barber who was in a prime position to push these products, i quickly realised I had no change and it was a con. Thank you again for exposing what I reckon many of us already know.

  8. Love this. Do we know where the products are manufactured?? Are they Chinese or do they have there own facility??

  9. Thanks for this. TBS has been popping up on my timelines for a while, and I was weakening… until I saw this. I’m now sacking off the idea and am going to look at alternatives. I’ve gone straight to the Hinterlands website and will definitely be buying something from those guys instead. To a newbie like myself, they seem MUCH more like the type of company I want to purchase from…

  10. And here i kept on getting ad for TBS on Facebook when i just decided to try and grow my beard out while i decided to let my hair grow back again. I was wondering if i should try it out (my facial pilosity isn’t the best, it’s really messy and i’m wondering if “beauty” product could help out) and i luckily fell on your article. I’m glad i didn’t jump right onto their products in my search for a beautiful beard.

    Thanks for the review.

    PS : Among every product, do you really recommend a particular kind of brand ? (i’m gonna browse your website but if i can get a clear answer from you that’ll be awesome.

    Have a wonderful day and sorry for my bad english, it’s not my main language.

    1. Hi, thank you so much for reading my article! It is an eye opener for sure!!
      My all time favourite brand is Beard Tings where you can save 15% with the code TBB15. The scents are absolutely amazing and it is top quality small batch oils and balms. The cleanser is amazing as well!

      I also recommend Big Phat Beard, Beard Manners and Brenin Beard Co. I’ve got a cheeky discount code for Brenin as well which is TBB10!!

      Check out my reviews of the products and let me know how you get on! You can follow me on insta the.beardedbrit!

      Take care and keep growing

      1. As a bystander, this seems to look like just a slander marketing tactic you are using to push your own codes for other products (simply bc you left TBS)… now does this not seem quite petty? Seems like it.

        1. Hey Ivan,

          Thanks for your comment! Let’s have a look at some facts here shall we…..
          First of all it’s not slander if it’s written! It also isn’t slander if the things that have been written are true, which they are.

          I don’t remember putting any of my codes in that article to push them, unless you are reading a different version to the one I wrote.
          I purposely left any codes I have out of the article as I wanted people to read it for what it was, a factual article on a beard brand.

          Now, Ivan, are you sure you are just a bystander and not one of the ambassasheep?

          All the best

  11. Trying to get an answer about the yeard contest the started Jan 1st 2021 because they keep removing the link to the contest. My first email was met with please wait we will send the link. My second email was met with please he patient we don’t have a deadline for the contest. How dumb is the second response they called the contest the Yeard and started it Jan 1st 2021 now I’m not an astrophysicist but a yeard from Jan 1 2021 should be right around Jan 1st 2022 not hard to find a deadline there. I’m am still waiting for a link and we are 6 days passed the deadline for the 6 month photos of beards. Will post again if I get anywhere.

    1. Hi, I have no idea what you are talking about I’m afraid. If it is TBS related then I’m not surprised if they are moving the goalposts. They are a second rate company with third rate products and people need to wake up and move on from this brand. Good luck fella. If you want to learn more about decent Beard Brands then feel free to check out my reviews!
      Thanks, Tony

  12. Chris Pickering

    Great article! I first heard of TBS just before I joined a different and 100% genuine Brotherhood. From the get go of seeing TBS I just had to laugh as anyone with half a brain cell can easily see that the products are sub-par. As you said about the absurd number of 5 star reviews,that immediately set alarm bells ringing. Their bullying tactics and “raids” are quite frankly pathetic. When it comes to beard care products I use a number of different companies within the UK who don’t charge a fortune and whose quality is very high. One of the guys in my Brotherhood used to be a TBS brand viking and has backed up everything that you’ve said as he was disgusted by some of the things that TBS do and the way they treat other companies. Keep up the good work and being honest about these over-hyped companies,people need to see them for what they really are!

    1. Thanks for reading Chris. They are pretty pathetic but people keep falling for their ridiculous advertising. I suppose when a company throws money at you then these z list stars and so called influencers will help to advertise them. Unfortunately, these guys don’t actually know what is a good product. All they have is £ signs in their eyes and they will say they endorse them. Hopefully most sensible people will see through the bullshit and buy from genuine small batch brands that care about their customers.
      Thanks, Tony

  13. I would love to know more about better companies then the beard struggle especially seen as the expense is ridiculous

    1. Hey, Feel free to check out the rest of my website for reviews on other beard companies. You can also message me privately on Instagram and i can give you some recommendations! Don’t forget to follow me though!! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting

  14. Think the article was well written, but also thought I would take try it to see if what you say is correct or is written by someone with a bias towards the company as a whole. Here is my thoughts. based off of 60 days.
    1. The beard oils, I find that they are ok but that being said I have reviewed many other companies that state that they have the beast beard oil, ( the beard club, billy jealousy, honest amish, to name a few) they all are the same, though felt that the honest amish felt did a little better.
    2. the beard balms, actually have to give the scruff balm from the TBS this one, since for me anyway can saw the feel of a none moving wax felt beard is something that i just cant stand, a lot of the balms I tried from sources mentioned previously have felt just like that. TBS holds and doesn’t make the beard feel waxy.
    3. the products, that I agree with the article, 1, never buy heated brushes, it doesn’t matter who makes it they suck every brand, if you want to go for the more straight look buy a travel small flat iron, seriously women’s products for hair straightening will be far better. 2. there isn’t a lot of products out there for men, i’m sure some of you go with GF, or wives to placed like ulta and in a huge store the section for men is a 2ft wide shelf with hardly any products on it

    with all that being said,
    Did it make my beard feel soft and look healthy Yes it did. (as much as any other product I have bought)
    Did my face itch, no i did not
    If I want my beard to smell nice for a date I would use this. I do really like the scruff balm and that way it makes my beard feel. but lets talk about price for a second, people shell out over 100 dollars for cologne, or buy Nike shoes or whatever. people always pay too much for anything, I make my own beard oil and its super cheap. however the customer service received was better than expected and marketing is pretty good cant fault a company for that.

    1. Hi, I think the problem with TBS is how much they charge for basic products. They use the cheapest carriers they can get away with and yes, the scents are ok, but you can get much better for less!

      I have reviewed a lot of other beard oils and I can categorically say that there is much, much better on the market for less money!
      I found the beard balms to be a bit too greasy for my liking but I have to admit (grudgingly 😉 ) that the shampoo and conditioner is decent if overpriced.

      The marketing is good but I just find it to be very cheesy and it’s more appealing to women than men. I’m not interested in half naked men putting beard oil on!!!

      People are free to make any decision they want about any product they want too and I encourage everyone to try different brands and products as you never know what you might find out there.
      Good luck to you my friend and if you want me to review your beard oils, you know where I am!!

      Take care

      1. I have been bearding a LONG time, I have tried many beard oils over the years and I would say TBS is just as good as many others I have tried and some of the scents are pretty good and last all day. And as a Canadian there is NOT anything cheaper out there for me, oils cost an arm and a leg to get shipped here from the US and with duty and everything. That said I do not agree with some of their practices and would like to go with another company, but nothing else is as practical or as cost effective

        1. Hey David,

          Thanks for reading, much appreciated. Listen, you use what you want to use and yes, the scents aren’t too bad.
          The quality of the carrier oils isn’t great especially when compared to some of the top UK and US brands.

          I guess for you, living in Canada, it would be cheaper but over here they are considered to be expensive. Even more so considering the oils they use are the cheaper options.

          Still, each to their own.

          All the best

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  16. So now that I have read this. What is an actual good company that provides essential beard products that actually work. I have used tbs and found my beard became course and rough

    1. Hi Elliot, thanks for reading!
      As for companies, it all depends where you are from. In the UK you have brands such as Beard Manners, Big Phat Beard, The Bald Viking, Beard Tings, Hinterlands Beard Oil and so many more. These 5 are my top companies in the UK! They all ship to Europe and I believe the USA as well.
      In the US you have some cracking brands. Barnbrand Beards, Beard Brothers and Black Rebel Beard co are some of the best ones.
      Check out their websites and social media, message them and have a good look at all the scents, carrier oils and products to make an informed decision!
      Good luck

  17. I unfortunately have to agree with a good portion of things in this article. I have been apart of TBS since end of 2019/beginning of 2020. I had a decent social following and was always engaged. Then I took a break this year to deal with personal things. I have since come back and over the course of the year it has really showed how bad they act. There are 2 groups now since they spilt some things. The ambassador program now is awful. You honestly could probably get a “better” deal using their holiday discount codes. The Aett, well atleast mine is dead. Everyone has left for different reasons. The products are good overall. I do still use them. There is definitely 0 recognition if you don’t have a social following or “face”. I initially was drawn to the program because of meeting people and they did awesome cancer charity things. Anymore though it’s a joke. I’ve watched the prices change, more oils, face cleaners, brushes and everything come and go. It is unfortunate how they are now. My last few orders have either not come complete, or been messed up and broken items. I too have decided to look at the options of leaving since it’s definitely no longer a product I’d want to stand with.

    1. Well, maybe now that you have seen the light you should leave and start to stand with brands that use quality carrier oils and don’t need someone with 10,000+ followers. As for the products, I agree that the scents are okay but, they use the cheapest possible carrier oils and then charge £19. Even with the 20% discount they offer that’s still a whopping £12 (minimum) profit after buying ingredients, bottles and marketing per 30ml oil.They also pretend that you need a day and night beard oil. Absolute rip off merchants but people are blinded by the cheesy adverts, the “Viking” bullshit and the Z list celebrities and Social Media “Influencers”

      If you are in the UK then you should definitely try some of the UK small batch beard brands who offer a higher quality product for a lower price! Good luck to you on finding a better beard product!

  18. Aside from a possible error in a specific product’s ingredients list, you don’t actually seem to have a point here. Especially when you use a headline like “Exposed”, I would’ve expected real, meaningful controversy; instead, this just comes across as you having a personal axe to grind, and spending page after page trying to make it into something that you want other people to rally alongside with you. We don’t. By your own admission, you’re simply a disgruntled former ambassador for the company. Whatever your personal issues with them, they have nothing to do with the rest of us who just enjoy the products.

    1. Hey man, no worries. We all have our own opinions! No point though? I think the bit where I tell everyone about the fake reviews from the ambassasheep is one point. Or maybe the part where I expose them for bullying a handicapped man who happened to be gay. What about the bit where they sent the sheep on a raiding mission to try and destroy a small beard company. All because they posted a sexual meme which, as I showed, TBS freely use sexual memes to sell their products! I think that could be considered as exposing but what do I know?!! Still, maybe you can use their new Voxtr Beard Growth bundle or is that a scam? No matter what you choose to spend your money on, I wish you all the luck in the world!

  19. Thanks for the information. One suggestion I have though is to change the font. It is very difficult to read, and I would bet that many readers simply exit the page due to the font instead of reading it. I think changing the font will ensure that interested readers won’t just leave the page.

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