The Boars Bristle Beard Brush

An essential piece of kit in the bearded mans collection has to be the boars bristle beard brush. It works so well and helps spread the oils evenly into your beard. I’m going to look at some different brushes here and compare them!

The Boars Bristle Beard Brush

For a very long time, in fact, since hairbrushes were invented, boars bristles have been used to brush hair with. Back then brushes were made out of ivory or porcelain, but they all used animal hair and more specifically, Boars hair.


Well, the boars bristles help to spread the sebum your hair follicles create throughout your beard or hair. Lots of hairdressers have boars bristle brushes in their collection as they help make hair feel silky and smooth. The same applies to beards.

When you apply oil or balm with your fingers it doesn’t get spread evenly in your beard. You might think it does, but I can assure you it doesn’t. Using the boars bristles to spread oil evenly throughout your beard will help to keep it healthy and well nourished. It could also help to avoid damaged hair and breakages.

Why not just a comb?

You could use a comb to tidy your beard and I carry one around with me for quick tidy ups and to help reshape if necessary. Combs are generally easier to carry than the boars bristle beard brush so it makes sense to have these when out and about.

When looking after your beard on a daily basis, you can’t beat a decent brush. It really does make your beard feel soft, smooth and healthy. I use mine every day, morning, noon and night!!

The other thing a brush has in its favour is the fact that it doesn’t damage your beard. Excessive use of combs can cause damage and cause loss of hair from your chin. The best combs are probably the Kent combs but the brush is better overall.

I currently have four boars bristle brushes and I’m going to have a look at each one to give you the pros and cons of each one.

The Rune Beard Co

The Rune Beard Co launched their boars brush towards the end of last year and it’s a little cutie!! At just over 3″ long and 1″ wide, this is one of the smallest beard brushes on the market. Why would you want a brush that small?

I admit, I didn’t think this brush was as small as it was and I did worry that it wouldn’t be very effective. Most beard brushes are about 5″ long and around 3″ wide. But, once I had it in my hand and was using it I found that it could indeed benefit my beard.

Big beards?

Now, it’s not the best for a big beard like mine and it is more useful for smaller beards. However, I found it was really good for my mustache. Where big brushes end up brushing your lips and catching the bottom of your nose, this fit in perfectly. It is just the right size to help train the mustache hairs and spread oil evenly through the top lip hair.

It is also a great size to keep in your pocket or for taking with you in your wash bag for nights away. Not that there are many of them right now! This is where the brush comes into its own. Great little brush and perfect to take with you on days out or nights away!


This is my first ever beard brush and I still have it in my collection. I got this from Amazon along with the Veeyoo wooden comb, which I also still have! This brush is a regular size, measuring 5″ long and 2.5″ wide and fits in the hand nicely.

It has ridges in each side to help you grip the brush and the boars bristles are medium firm in sturdiness. It has lasted me a good 5 years and never really thought I would need another brush.

This brush does the job well enough but my only issue with it was the smell. Now, all boars brushes have a slight smell to them when they are new. After all, they are from an animal! However, after a few weeks of using them the smell usually goes as you use oils etc.

There was always a slight woody smell lingering with this brush and although it did a decent job you could tell it was made on the cheap with bulk buying in mind. Saying that, I don’t think they are available to buy on Amazon anymore. A good, solid first brush.

Midas Beard

Midas Beard hit the scene late last year with a premium oil and a fine looking beard brush. While the oil wasn’t much to write home about, the brush is a different story.

The wood is painted a matte black and looks sleek. It has a slight curve on the wood base and this follows through with the bristles. It’s shape makes it easy to run over your beard and follow the contours of your face. It has the trademark indents on the side of the brush to aid grip.

The bristles are slightly softer than the Veeyoo and it definitely makes brushing feel smoother and better for the skin. It is a premium brush but at £20 it’s a bit on the pricey side. You can buy this brush here.

Big Phat Beard

It is known as The Monster Brush and you can see why. It’s 3″ wide but with the handle it is nearly 9″ long. Yes lads, that is long!! If you put the Midas brush next to the monster brush then they are very similar in size and shape. The main difference is that Big Phat Beards brush is pointed at the end. Oh, and don’t forget the handle!!

The bristles are literally the same as is the wood. The logo carving is also very similar and if you follow BPB on insta you might have seen his post showing how they laser the logo on. With this brush having a handle there is no need for the side grip so that gives it a really sleek, smooth finish.

However, The Monster Brush comes in at only £14.99 which makes it an absolute bargain! I love the handle and for everyday use this is the best brush I have ever used. It’s close though, as the Midas and Monster brushes are very similar in both size (excluding the handle) and style.

Buy The Monster Brush at Due to the huge popularity of this brush you might have to pre-order. Get in touch with John on his Instagram for more details – big_phatbeard


All of these brushes are good in their own way. The Veeyoo brush is one that I wouldn’t personally buy again as it doesn’t have the same quality and feel as the others.

The Rune Beard Co brush is handy for smaller beards and using on the mustache. It’s also small enough to easily fit in a wash bag if you’re away for a weekend or a business trip.

The Midas and Big Phat Beards brush are the two that really stand out for me and they are both great quality, premium brushes.

They all have their uses and all do a good job, but, there can only be one winner though and in my eyes it has to be The Monster Brush from Big Phat Beard. The design, quality and the handle make this brush easy to use and great to look at! At £14.99 this has to be a must buy.

Thanks for reading The Boars Bristle Beard Brush, comment below with your favourite brush or beard accessory. In the meantime check out my last blog A History of Beards – Part One.

Take care and keep growing


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