The Cats Whiskers

This morning I was rudely awoken from a dream I can no longer remember. It must have been good as I really didn’t want to wake up! Who woke me up? The cat and he wanted food….NOW! What is it with these feline creatures? They think they are the cats whiskers!

That’s my furry monster, his name is Oscar. He looks all cute and adorable there doesn’t he? Don’t let that fool you though, he is a vicious beast when he wants his food!

The Mans Whiskers

The cats whiskers have many uses and are an extension of their nervous system. They help them sense what is around them, they are a measuring tool for them as well. But what about a mans whiskers?

Our whiskers serve no other purpose than to make us look good! We grow them because we can. They are an extension of our personality. There is a difference though. Cats always look good with whiskers.

What Do I Mean?

Okay, let me put my last statement in context. When men start growing out their beards, they can be itchy and grow in patches. Doesn’t look great and what a lot of people tend to do is shave it off! It goes back to my previous blog about patience!

If you truly want to grow whiskers to make a cat proud, you need to be patient. Don’t be ashamed of those patches, we all grow at different rates. When I first started on my beard journey I had loads of patches! I would shave and start to grow again, hoping that this time the patches would be gone.

They didn’t go! Eventually I just let it grow and after a couple of months the patches started to disappear. The point to this is don’t give up grow that mane!


Right, I’ve waffled on for long enough. It’s time to go sort out the cats whiskers and my own! In the meantime check out my overviews of The Beard Struggle and Mo Bros.


Thanks for stopping by and keep growing brothers!


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