The morning beard care routine

Mornings. I’m no lark and I’m not a big fan of mornings if I’m honest. They tend to come around too quickly and interrupt a well needed snooze fest. However, I don’t think mornings are going anywhere so I’m going to have to make the most of them! Not only that but when you have a beard you need to have the morning beard care routine down to a tee.

Waking up is the hard part.

For me, waking up is the hardest part of my morning routine. I struggle to get up out of bed and get moving. Having a job stops me from lying in bed until 11am or later. Also, the dog won’t allow me to sleep in because when he needs to go, he needs to go!

So, once I have dragged myself out of bed, let the dog out, fed him and the cat, it’s time for me to get sorted! Having a shower is a must for every morning. It helps with the waking up process! That is where I start the morning beard care routine.

The seven stages.

Depending on the size of my beard and whether I am growing out my moustache, depends on how many of the seven stages I use. I’m gonna break down my routine for you now.

Stage 1: Wash/Condition.

Wash your beard with a quality beard wash/shampoo, not regular hair shampoo! (See – You wash your beard with what?). Now, I don’t wash my beard with shampoo every day as mine doesn’t need it. There are jobs out there where your beard will get dirty, therefore, you will need to wash every day.

At this stage you can also use conditioner to really give your beard that silky finish. Again, don’t use this every day. I use conditioner twice a week at the most, sometimes only once a week.

Stage 2: Dry.

Drying your beard is easy if you know how. Don’t go straight in for the rub like you would with your hair. Your whiskers are more delicate than the hair on your head! You need to pat your beard dry with a clean towel. Don’t dry it completely, you need a bit of moisture left for the next stage.

Stage 3: Oil.

Once your beard is almost dry you need to apply some beard oil. This will help protect your beard during the day and keep the moisture locked in. Depending on the size and thickness of your beard will determine how much oil you put in your beard.

If you have just started growing then a couple of drops will be enough. Once you have about an inch or two of growth then pop another drop in. Any longer than that then it will range from 4 drops up to whatever you feel you need!

Stage 4: Brush.

This stage will help to distribute the oil evenly throughout your beard. I use a boars bristle brush but you can get synthetic ones as well. You can also use a comb. It all depends on your personal preference.

Stage 5: Balm.

If your beard is getting longer and thicker then it’s a good idea to use some balm. It helps to keep your beard in place for extended periods of time. You only need a small amount, the size of a pea, to rub into your hands before applying it to your beard.

Stage 6: Brush.

See stage 4!

Stage 7: Moustache.

If you have a long moustache you will want to use a wax to put it in place. It all depends on the size, length and style of ‘tache you want. Just like the balm, you only need a small amount. You will need to vigorously rub it in your hands to soften it before applying and combing into place.

Anything else?

That should be enough to see you through the day. You might want to apply some more oil during the day but other than that you should be set.

There won’t always be a need to follow all the steps and there will be things that you do differently as you progress with your growth. You might do things in a slightly different order. Generally this is the order you will follow to ensure your beard looks as mighty as possible.

Check out my morning routine on the YouTube video below.

So, what’s your morning routine? Feel free to comment below and share what you do first thing!

Thanks for stopping by, take care and keep growing brothers









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