The Queen, fitness, beardy things and more

The Queen, fitness, beardy things and more..

Well it’s been a minute since my last blog From fit to fat to fit again! So, I thought it was about time I gave you an update on my boring little life!! In this weeks blog I talk about The Queen, fitness, beardy things and more!

The Queen

I’ve given this one a bit of thought and I guess the Royal Family has split peoples opinions over the years. Why do we have a Monarchy? What do they do for us? and so on and so forth etc.. But, out of all the shit (Ahem, Andrew, ahem!) I would say Her Majesty has managed to stand the test of time. Humour, grace and a genuine care for people has seen her rule over our nation and Commonwealth for 70 years. I say rule, she didn’t really rule as the greedy, lying, scumbag politicians do that.
Still, I look back at what The Queen has done and there’s one thing that stands out for me. Her unwavering love for her family, people and the UK. She had a good sense of humour, was always working and never wilted on the promise she made as a 21 year old girl. I remember watching her speeches at Christmas, sat round the telly with the family (probably the only time we actually sat together when I was young!) and listening to every word she said. Whenever something was happening with the Royal Family I remember where I was.


As an example, when Diana died I was having a shit. My flatmate knocked on the door shouting “she’s dead”, I replied “I’m having a shit, who’s fucking died?” and he said “Diana”. I wasn’t terribly upset about this or any other death of a Royal member but I did mourn the Queens passing. She had been a constant background figure in mine and indeed, everyone’s life. If you loved or hated the Monarchy you can never doubt her passion, work ethic and commitment to her job.
I remember a time when I was a supervisor for Woolworths in a small town in Northern England. The Queen was coming to visit the town and drive through the high street. The ladies that were working that morning literally begged me to close the store so they could wave their flags high and wave to Her Majesty. I did and the experience was worth it. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was happy and The Queen drove by waving and smiling at everyone. It could have been a risky move, job wise but nobody from Head Office found out. The rest of the day the staff were all buzzing, laughing and joking and it’s a memory that will always stay with me!


Okay, moving on swiftly to my progress on the fitness front. There is none!
Wait, there is a little bit. I’ve lost 2 pounds and I’m sitting at 13st 9lbs as of Friday morning. I can now do 20 push ups in a go which for me is very good and I have made some healthier choices when it comes to eating and drinking. I have cut out lager and I’m eating less shit than I was.
I’m running 3 times a week and walking a lot more as well so all good signs. My ideal weight to get to would be around 12st 7lbs and have a flatter belly. I’m then going to attempt to bulk up or possibly just get some muscle on me. Not too much, just more than I have right now. My main problem is self motivation and getting into a routine is extremely difficult. I’m not there yet but with hard work, determination and pure willpower I will get there!

Beardy Things

As my regular readers know, I have shaved my beard off. It’s all for a good cause though as I am growing a moustache for Movember in aid of Men’s Health (I’m also doing 3,000 push ups). But, that has not stopped me from supporting brands and doing what I can to help. (If you want to support my journey you can donate via the button at the end of this blog!)
I was asked by Callum of The Bald Viking to try and test his new scent and I’ve received the bottle this morning (Friday 23rd). I’ll get a good idea of the scent profile and how good it works on stubble as my face is balls deep in the itchy phase at the moment. As you all know or should do, beard oil is actually more for the skin underneath and is perfect for when you are first growing your mane. It’s also good for your beard hair as well but it really helps with the dreaded itch.
So, although there are less beards in the world today than there was 6 months ago, there is still a need for good quality products. People seem to care less about CPSR’s these days as well with some beardy folk giving away or selling products that don’t have a CPSR. It is after all a legal requirement to have one. Still, there’s no point in fighting against all the cunts out there as it’s a battle that I alone won’t win. I’m just going to enjoy the legally compliant brands that I use and do things my way. I might call out those cunts that don’t do things legally but that will upset a lot of people who help advertise them, give away their products in competitions etc. Do I care? You tell me.

And more…

I have decided to branch out and do some different things on here! There’s only so much you can say about beard products without repeating yourself.  With less beards around it’s time to do something different.. I will continue to review them of course, people need to know the good from the bad after all!! So, the question is what will I be doing. Well, still reviews but of the movie variety. That’s right, The Bearded Brit Reviews Movies will be starting this week with Thor – Love and Thunder. I’m also going to be reviewing a wider range of mens products on here so look out for this coming very soon.
I will be writing more frequently and I have a new blog series coming up, probably in January 2023 which should be pretty epic! A History of Beards will finally be expanded and available as an E-book in January/February 23 as well. There might just be something else on the horizon a bit sooner but that’s under wraps for now.
Lastly, due to high demand from my avid readers, I have turned off the ads! I was trying to make a few coins by using adsense but the feedback I received said it slowed down my website and put people off. It was one way for me to try and monetise my site but you guys come first so it is gone for now! Other ads will appear on my site but they will be embedded into blogs, pages, reviews and won’t impact on the load speed.
Right, that’s it for now! Thanks for reading The Queen, fitness, beardy things and more.. Keep your eyes peeled for my first movie review later this week and please feel free to comment below and let me know what you want to see from me.
Take care and keep growing

Support my Movember journey

I am trying to raise money for mens health in November. I have shaved off my beard and will be growing a moustache and that’s not all. During Movember I will be doing 3,000 push ups total (that’s 100 a day!!). Any donation you can give will be massively appreciated and will go towards helping men with their mental and physical health  and much more! 

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