The Rune Beard Co Review – Inguz

Welcome back to another review and it is another oil from the amazing The Rune Beard Co. It’s the turn of Inguz and after using it for a week it’s time for The Rune Beard Co Review – Inguz.

Is this the best beard company out there?

Well, it’s a difficult one to answer but they are definitely up there and, judging by the quality of Yule and now Inguz, they are where they belong. I love the idea behind the brand and matching the scents of each oil to the meaning of the runes is genius from Linzi, the brains behind TRBC.

With loads of options to choose from including balms, butters, soaps and oils The Rune Beard Co have you covered. I have also been using the beard soap and there will be a review on that soon! Let’s move straight in to the review and it will be shorter than the Yule review as some of the elements are the same! (In a good way!)


Just like Yule, the initial scent comes out strong and powerful. I got a cinnamon fragrance hitting the nasal passages straight away and I was instantly reminded of one of my favourite scents. It took me a couple of days to figure it out though. It was cough candy!

I love a cough candy sweet and I loved the smell of this oil. The frankincense added to the spiciness and warmth of the fragrance before the sweet orange drifted through. Once it calmed down the sweet orange and rosemary took over and the cinnamon faded away.

Staying Power

The average time the fragrance lasted was about 5 hours which is pretty decent. The initial blast faded after a couple of hours but I could still smell the orange scent with a light whiff of cinnamon up to 5 hours.

It’s not as long as I would normally like and it is a shame as the scent was awesome. Still, 5 hours is a pretty decent length of time compared to some other oils and I shouldn’t really complain.

Linzi has something special here with her company and if the other oils in the collection are half as good, then it’s a win win for bearded men everywhere!!


After using Inguz for just a couple of days my beard was feeling soft and well nourished. The oil soaked into the beard nicely and left no residue. The carrier oils of Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm did their job very well and the beard felt amazing.

Wheatgerm oil contains vitamin B which is really good for hair and it definitely did its job with my face fuzz!


I was able to use the oil every day over the last week and it really made my skin feel nourished and mousturised. The carrier oils did a great job yet again.

Value For Money

The Rune Beard Co do things slightly different to everyone else. Most companies do 30ml or 50ml bottles but TRBC use 20ml bottles instead. The price of £8 sounds amazing but is it that good a price when it’s only in a 20ml bottle?

My answer is a resounding yes! The quality of this oil is exceptional and I highly recommend you purchase Inguz. In fact, I recommend you have a look at their etsy shop. I have a feeling that everything is going to be top quality!!


I am already blown away by the quality of the products made by Linzi. The Rune Beard Co really is the real deal and you can tell that Linzi is extremely passionate and works very hard to make the best oils, balms and butters.

I am not an affiliate for TRBC but I do highly recommend them.

Thank you for stopping by to read The Rune Beard Co Review – Inguz, don’t forget to check out the last review of Yule.

Take care and keep growing






Staying Power






Value For Money



  • Smells amazing
  • Makes the beard feel soft
  • Great value for money
  • Great for skin


  • Only available in a 20ml bottle
  • Could last a bit longer

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