The Rune Beard Co Review – Yule

Back to work and back to reviewing some awesome Small Batch beard companies. Today it’s the turn of The Rune Beard Co and thanks to Linzi’s generosity I have several products to review. This one is on their new wintery scent, Yule. Dive in to The Rune Beard Co Review – Yule.


About The Rune Beard Co

Linzi started her company in August this year and it’s gone from strength to strength in a very short space of time. Based in Keswick, Linzi started making beard oil for her other half. He would send them onto his friends and everyone was raving about them. The Rune Beard Co was born!

Linzi combined her love of Norse Mythology and Rune magic when creating the company and she has tried to match the scents to the meaning of the Runes. She uses 100% unrefined natural butters and oils, ethically sourced beeswax and pure essential oils.

The Rune Beard Co now have 6 scent profiles in the oil and balm, a butter and a beard soap as well as accessories. You can check out their store on etsy.

What did I get?

I was very lucky to receive the Yule and Inguz oils and balms. Not only that but the lovely Linzi also sent a keyring, sticker and a Curlywurly! Needless to say the curlywurly didn’t last long, but I had to make a very difficult decision.

Which oil to test first! They both smelt amazing but Yule really appealed to me with it being a more wintery scent. So, on to the main event and what I thought of Yule using my 5 factors.


Straight away you get a feeling of melancholy and old memories of Christmases past. The apple and cinnamon give off a really strong fragrance that hits you hard. Yule is based on the traditional Nordic dish, Eplekake, a spiced apple cake and I can see why.  The spiciness warms the beard and the oil soaks in nicely due to its medium consistency. After a couple of hours the fragrance starts to mellow out and you get the vanilla and nutmeg coming through and ginger gives it another kick.

Throughout the day Yule keeps delivering different scents depending on the climate and whether I was outside or inside. One minute you get an apple pie smell drifting into the nostrils and the next cinnamon and ginger flow through. It really does give you a proper wintery scent that makes you want to sit down in front of a roaring fire with a glass of your favourite tipple. The Christmas tree is up, the presents are under the tree and the carol singers can be heard in the street.

I might be getting carried away here but this is now my go to Winter Scent.

Staying Power

As soon as I started to put this oil in my beard I knew this would last a long time. Although the powerful initial fragrance mellows out after a couple of hours, you can still get the different scents coming through during the day.

This one really impressed me as no matter what I was doing, the oil stayed with me all day. Overall I would say Yule lasted for a solid 8-9 hours in the beard which is fantastic.


After using Yule for just a couple of days my beard was feeling soft and well nourished. The oil soaked into the beard nicely and left no residue. The carrier oils of Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm did their job very well and the beard felt amazing.

Wheatgerm oil contains vitamin B which is really good for hair and it definitely did its job with my face fuzz!


I had been wearing a mask for several days at work, doing 8 hour shifts. When I am wearing the mask I opt not to put any products in my beard. Not only did it dry out my beard but it also dried out my skin underneath. Due to the moisture when breathing in the mask my skin became red and started to flake. I know, it sounds disgusting, and it was!

After a couple of days using Yule, my skin felt soft, moisturised and the dryness had gone. After the week, the redness and flakiness had also disappeared and this is down to the great mix of carrier oils.

Value For Money

The Rune Beard Co do things slightly different to everyone else. Most companies do 30ml or 50ml bottles but TRBC use 20ml bottles instead. The price of £9 sounds amazing but is it that good a price when it’s only in a 20ml bottle?

The answer is a resounding yes! The quality of this oil is exceptional and I highly recommend you purchase Yule before it goes out of stock.


This is a fantastic oil in all aspects. It smells amazing and the ingredients are just right to help maintain a healthy beard and skin. At £9 this is an absolute bargain and you can buy Yule by clicking this link. Yule Beard Oil.

I am not an affiliate for The Rune Beard Co but I can tell you that they are one of the best new Beard companies on the market today. Go treat yourself to some amazing products. Next up for a review will be Inguz!


Thank you for reading my The Rune Beard Co Review – Yule. While you are here please check out my Beard Tips Part Two – Straightening Your Beard.

Take care and keep growing






Staying Power






Value For Money



  • Smells like Winter
  • Lasts all day
  • Great for the skin
  • Beard feels really soft
  • Great value for money


  • Only comes in 20ml bottles

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