Top 5 Beard Oils of 2020

The last year has been very different for everyone. Some have found it difficult while for others it has bought new ventures. I’m one of the lucky ones. It has allowed me to start something new and meet so many amazing people. It has also allowed me to do something I am extremely passionate about, all things Beard! This brings me to my Top 5 Beard Oils of 2020.

What a strange year!

Covid-19 has brought the world to its knees with its rapid spread throughout the continents. It has brought with it death, heartache, missed time with loved ones and many more things that have disrupted our lives.

But, for some it has given them an opportunity they might not have otherwise had. We have seen the birth of lots of new Beard Companies and this is fantastic for bearded men everywhere.

Competition has never been higher and I am lucky enough to have been able to review some absolutely amazing products from some amazing companies!

A Reviewers Year

It really has been a good year to be a reviewer of beard products. There are loads of new companies and plenty of people who want to help others decide what the best brands are.

I am lucky enough to have met some fantastic people who review, own companies and other bearded men who share the same interests as me.

I have also been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to review several oils this year and I have been, in the main, impressed with the quality of the products and the passion of the people behind the brands.

So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 beard Oils of 2020.

5 – Beard O’ The Forest by Bartel’s Beard Oil

This was only my second Beard Oil review back in May and the shift in quality from the oils I had used previously was huge! The carrier oils that are used were a huge benefit and the smell was very refreshing.

Bartel’s have 3 oils, Vanilla and Cinnamon, Indian Spice and of course, Beard O’ The Forest. Unfortunately the owner of Bartel’s has been busy with life and has been unable to produce any more scents or other products.

With the quality of his oils I sincerely hope he has some new ideas up his sleeve for 2021! In the meantime, please read my review Bartel’s – Beard Oil Review.

You can also purchase the oils by visiting and use the code TBB20 for 20% off.

4 – Yule by The Rune Beard Co

One of the best things to come out of my first 8 months of reviewing beard products was meeting Linzi from The Rune Beard Co. Well, obviously not meeting in person but through the wonder of Instagram. She has built a fantastic brand and with an ever growing list of products, there is only one place TRBC is going!

I received Yule from Linzi in time for the start of Winter and I fell in love with the scent from the moment I opened the bottle. It was the perfect wintry fragrance and it was also a fantastic oil, good for both beard and skin.

Linzi is extremely passionate about her brand and I love the originality of it as well. The idea of matching the scents to the meaning of the Runes is a genius idea and you can really feel her passion in everything she does. Expect huge things from Linzi and The Rune Beard Co in 2021!!

Read my full review The Rune Beard Co Review – Yule and visit the etsy store to purchase the amazing oils here.

3 – Smoked Amber by Beard Tings

Another company that is going to be huge in 2021 is Beard Tings. Andy is the mastermind behind the brand and he has really set the Beard world alight with his stand out packaging and some of the best scents on the market today.

Andy started out as a beard product reviewer and was part of Bearded Bear Reviews. He has used his considerable knowledge to create something truly fantastic and his scents are pretty unique too.

I was one of the lucky few to receive a sample of his flagship scent Vanilla Killa but Smoked Amber is, for me, far superior and quickly became my go to oil. I am a huge fan of Beard tings as a brand and Andy is another of the fantastic people I am now privileged to know.

With 6 scent profiles in oils and balms and a brand new innovative Beard Cleanser, Beard Tings is going to be massive in 2021.

Check out my review Beard Tings Beard Oil Review – Smoked Amber. You can also save yourself 20% off all products using the code TBB20 when you buy from

2 – Wood Chop by Big Phat Beard

I had heard plenty of good things about Big Phat Beard and I was excited to try their oils. In fact, it was John himself who got in touch with me, and he sent me his flagship oil Wood Chop.

I was absolutely blown away by the power of this fragrance, it was so refreshing and it lasted all day! Like, 12 hours all day!! The use of rosemary and thyme was unusual as I have rarely seen these used and even rarer, used together. But, they worked amazingly well together making this a scent to be reckoned with.

John is extremely passionate about his brand and ensuring that everything is done correctly including getting his products CPSR approved. In fact all the companies in my Top 5 are fully registered and tested, it is after all, the law!

John has big plans for BPB and has new fragrances coming out as well as a beard butter and hair products. 2021 is going to be an absolute belter of a year for John and his brand and I can’t wait to see what he does.

Read the full review Big Phat Beard Review – Wood Chop Oil and visit to purchase these amazing oils. My first review of 2021 will be Oriental Wiff so watch out for that!

1 – Nordic Mist by Hinterlands Beard Oil

I didn’t think I was much of a woodsy scent type of person until I used Nordic Mist. Straight from the first smell I knew this was something special. The mixture of Pine Needle, Juniper Berry and Cedarwood made my senses explode and I was instantly transported to the forest!

The carrier oils work wonders as well and my beard felt amazing after using this for a week. Considering Josh, the owner of Hinterlands, only started making oil for himself and his friends it makes it all the more amazing.

Josh has created a brand for the ages with his clean labels which he designs himself and the partnership with One Tree Planted, giving hope to the Eco system of our planet. This is truly an amazing company.

I am privileged to know Josh, again thanks to Instagram, and he has been through a difficult year himself. He has, however, made one of the best oils on the market today and I can’t wait to see what plans he has in store for 2021.

You can read the full review Hinterlands Beard Oil Review and purchase the oils from Don’t forget to use the code TBB10 for 10% off!


As I have already said, I am extremely privileged to have met the owners of these amazing brands. The passion and love that they have for their companies is wonderful to see. The support they give to each other is fantastic.

For me personally, I will only ever use Small Batch Beard Companies. The quality and care from these guys is second to none! There are so many more brands out there for me to review and more from my Top 5 as well. I hope to bring you reviews of the best products on the market.

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Thank you for reading my Top 5 Beard Oils of 2020 and thank you for joining me over the last 8 months. I hope you continue to read my blogs and reviews as there is plenty more to come!

Stay safe and keep growing


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  1. John says:

    Wooohooo, Thanks for including us in your top 5 Tony! It means alot, from the hard work we have put in and to hear it back from guys like you makes it all worth while!

  2. Dane (@beardedtechman) says:

    Excellent Article Tony, I’ve only tried one of your top 5 so far, so that’s 4 new items on my ‘to buy’ list! Keep up the good work!

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