What are White Label Beard Products?

What are White Label Beard Products? A question that many people ask me. Not only that, but are they any good? I’m going to delve in to what they are, should you buy them and better alternatives!

White Label Products

White label products are items that are made by a company and then sold to someone else. For example, company A makes lots of beard oil. They have different scents available and because they are made by the thousands, everything is cheap including the carrier oils used and the fragrance oils. Like, cheapest of the cheap!

Company A sells their product to company B for a small profit. Company B then adds their own logo, marks up the price and then sells for a very nice profit. It’s a great business for people who are too lazy or busy to make their own products. Literally, all you have to do is create a logo, market it using Facebook ads and sit back laughing at all the people who pay money for it!

I am not a fan of white label products myself, but, I can see why some people choose to use this method to make money. It’s cheap, simple, lazy and very easy to do.

How do you start?

Well, just search up white label beard products on google and you’ll get a whole load of companies that will make that product for you. All you need is a label with your logo on! Faire, White Label Botanist, Grizzly Adam, The Bright Collection and so many more companies offering this service I could go on for hours.

Once you have found the company you want to use, you sign up and choose your products. Design a logo, put it on a label and away you go. Now you can mark it up to whatever price you want and sell it. I mean, there is a bit more to it than that but you get the idea.

The good

The good thing about white label beard companies is that it’s all done for you. The product is pre-made and ready to go. You select the quantity you want and then you pay. You can also drop ship your white label product which is even better. You do even less as the company hold the stock, send it out once you get an order and you get the difference. Easy money!

This is actually a good way to make money if you have the capital to get started. Some companies will take a percentage of your profit, others will charge a fee. You will probably need to get some ads going on social media to get your brand out there but if you make the sales then the cost of ads is covered.

The bad

thing is that generally the product is shit. Cheap ingredients that are covered up by the nice scent that it comes with. It makes you think it’s a decent product but in reality it isn’t that great for you. Especially when it comes to beard care. As some of you know, beard hair is different from head hair and the quality of the product can affect that mane.

The vast majority of companies or individuals that sell white label products will make you think they made the product themselves. They like to show it off in quirky ways and talk about how their product is the best! Trust me, it isn’t.

The ugly

This is where I get a little bit annoyed. There are some amazing UK small batch beard companies out there. They spend time, money and effort in making amazing (mostly!) beard products. Experimenting with different ingredients, creating great logos to define their brand and working hard to batch up fresh orders as they come in. Its hard work but much more rewarding on a personal level.

White label brands literally do nothing. They claim they have, then take the glory and the money. It’s easy and if people continue to buy this shit then more UK beard companies could go under. As good as it is for those selling it, the consumers need to be more street smart and really consider what they buy.

If the branding and the label looks cheap and the ingredients look basic then the chances are it’s White Label. If the product is in a bottle that you’ve seen from another brand. Ditto.

My opinion

I can’t tell you what to buy and who to buy from. That’s your choice as an individual. All I ask is that you think before you buy. Do you want to buy a beard product from some dodgy geezer with a flash smile telling you his stuff is the best? Do you want a faceless brand pushing their wares on you with the same looking product as the last brand you saw.

Or, do you want to buy genuine quality products from brands that you know and trust. You know who the brands are, the good ones, the average ones and even the not so good. The difference is that they make their products themselves. Hard work, late nights, long days, passion, all in their spare time and all for you!

My opinion, don’t fall for the gimmicky adverts and posts. The product might be cheaper than the brand you know and there is a reason for that. As a passionate blogger and beard product reviewer, I would never cheapen the scene by selling my own white label shit just for a few quid. I have far too much respect for the community and the brands within it. Do you want to cheapen the efforts made by genuine, quality brands by buying it?


There are loads of top quality UK beard brands that do things themselves. They mix the carriers, the essential oils and they create some amazing products. Fragrance oils can be used and its all good as they have thought about how they build the product from scratch. They don’t use someone else’s stuff and add their own logo.

The brands I recommend (apologies if I leave some great ones out!) are…

Beard Tings, Big Phat Beard, Beard Manners, Runesilk, Hinterlands Beard Oil, The Bald Viking, Opies Beard Co, The Urban Gent, By Odins Beard Crafts and so many more! If I’ve left someone out let me know in the comments.


White label brands will always be around. It’s a plague that will keep growing and for good reason. Its easy money for the lazy and uncreative souls that fill your Instagram/Facebook/TikTok feed. No originality other than maybe the label but I say good luck to them.

You can make money selling someone else’s product and slapping your own logo on it. Good for you! But I will always support the small batch community of quality beard product makers and I hope you do too!

Okay, that’s my thoughts and feelings on What are White Label Beard Products? A bit of a rant but I’m sure you all understand why. The passion I have for this community and the UK small batch beard companies in it grows stronger every day and I’m proud to be a part of it.

I’ll be back on Friday with my review of The Urban Gent and until then, why not check out my last review of Runesilks Revolution Oil.

Let me know what you think about White Label Beard Products by commenting below!

Take care and keep growing


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