What the fuck is happening?

What the fuck is happening? Thought that might grab your attention!! I’m so in and out of everything at the minute I have no idea what I’m doing from one day to the next. I’m busy with various projects which means I struggle to find time to write blogs and reviews. But, here I am.

So, what the fuck is happening?

In the big wide world of bearding, what is going on? There’s beard competitions, beard companies closing down, beard companies still not getting their CPSR’s sorted and there’s a rumour that one of my prophecies will come true this year!!

Let’s start with the Beard Companies that have closed down. Brenin Beard went by the wayside in what was a shock to me as I really loved what these guys were doing. However, things change as do priorities and they have decided to close down. I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day they will rise from the ashes and return to the beard world again.

Cosy Beard went next in another surprise, although they had been inactive for a while. Then there was Chin Monster who, after a battle with illness, had lost the passion for it. A shame on all accounts there as they all had something good about them and there was no bullshit that you get from some brands.

Who else?

There are a few brands that have gone quiet over the last few months. The end of lockdown and return to real life and full time jobs has hampered a lot of people. A great idea to earn some extra pennies during the pandemic has turned into a strain on time and finances. Expect more brands to close this year, it’s sad but completely understandable as the pressures of running a small business and working full time takes its toll.

I mentioned bullshit before and one of my prophecies I made in a previous blog. (I will support anyone who is legally building a small beard business in the UK but when they become cunts then I have no more room for them. I will tell you this for nothing. Beardolution will not be closed down for long. They will be back and this is just a ploy to get attention and try to divide the community even further.)

The closure of Beardolution and its obvious resurrection. Now, Beardolution had some fantastic products but was run by a slightly manic individual who just couldn’t help but be a cunt. Apparently he will bring back Beardolution after the summer holidays in a totally expected and obvious move. I hope he does come back but this time as a more humble, respectful, less paranoid and more grateful person.

Taking criticism on the chin would certainly help. Some brands and their owners just aren’t prepared to listen to the truth and would rather surround themselves with cock sucking idiots who just want to please! Maybe this time, listen to people who genuinely want to help you and not people who just want to lick your ball sack whilst fingering your arse.

I am a busy bee!

Yep, busy bee, that’s me! I am working on various projects and trying to find a way to retire early. I mean, who isn’t? Does anyone truly like working for someone else and feeding their profits. Not me, but bills must be paid. This is why I have been slow to write a new blog and also give my all to reviews. There will be more content but it won’t be regular and there will only be 2, maybe 3 reviews this year.

Why, you ask? Well, I am going to become the Unbearded Brit later this year for reasons I will reveal when the time is right. In the meantime there will be a review on Beard Manners The Rum Old Fashioned in a couple of weeks. There might also be a long awaited review on some American Brands as well. Oh, and maybe a blog on whatever the fuck is happening with reviewers from across the pond!! (May have to call soma more cunts out!)

All that is to come but I’m going to leave it there for today! Thanks for reading What the fuck is happening? Why not check out my last couple of blogs A Community Divided Part One and Part Two.

Until next time take care and keep growing




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