Whiskey for breakfast!

I was up late last night working on several things and decided to have a glass of whiskey. Not unusual for me, I like a nip now and then. The problem is 1 glass turns into 2, 2 into 4 and before you know it you’re having whiskey for breakfast!

Strangely though, I feel alright this morning. I am not a morning person by any means, more of a ‘have to go to work in the morning so I better get up before I’m late’ type of person! Last minute kind of thing.

Today, however, feels different. I feel almost refreshed and ready to face the world. Maybe I should have whiskey every night from now on!

The idea of breakfast

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and should set you up for all that life will throw at you. At least until lunchtime!

The thing with having a beard though, is you can be quite restricted to what you eat in the morning. It is why I always have breakfast before my shower. This means that if I’m having cereal and accidentally spill milk into my beard, I can clean up before I head out.

Not that I wouldn’t clean up anyway! It all depends on the size of your beard as well. If you have a big beard and a big mustache then cereal becomes difficult to eat. Spillage is a fact of beard life.

What to eat?

I like a bowl of cereal in the morning, it’s quick and easy to get ready! However, when my beard is longer I tend to either go for a cereal bar or some fruit. Just makes my life easier!

Don’t get me started on drinking coffee with a full on mustache! Whatever you eat for breakfast, just make sure you clean up your beard afterwards!

I had whiskey for breakfast, what did you have? Feel free to leave a comment below with what your morning eating routines are and what you eat for breakfast!

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